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"Overthinker" postcard size art print

Postcard size print from a digital drawing I created with Procreate.
4x6 inches / 10x15 cm. approx.
Printed on high quality matte paper. Resists fading up to 72 years.

Represents an over active mind, overthinking and daydreaming. The moon symbolizes the subconcious, the tears are the negative emotions that surface when we overthink things, the mask is when we try to hide them or resist them but the blooming flowers are the positive side, the insight and ideas that we can gain when we daydream.



*Slight colour variations may occur due to different monitors and display settings.*

*Objects surrounding the product are for aesthetic, display purposes only and are not included.
*Ships within 5 days. All shipments require signature upon delivery, please keep track of your order and make sure someone is available to receive it :) *

"Overthinker" postcard size art print

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