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About Bea Bastet

My name is Beatriz Bradaschii and I'm an artist born in São Paulo, Brazil.
Art has been the most prominent aspect of my life since I can remember, i would draw all the time and leave a huge mess in the house after doing craft projects. 

Today, it has become an incredible instrument of inner healing and introspection, a way of understanding myself on a deeper level, my dreams, and subconcious mind.
Fascinated by the strange and the unconventional from a young age, I apply the skills i've been learning throughout the years to bring the world inside my head into the material realm.
Each painting is a journey on its own and more often than not, I feel I've arrived to a place i haven't discovered yet and sometimes they
 evoke the feeling of wanting to explore what's hidden, there is always more beneath the surface of what I sense and think.

Beatriz Bradaschii aka bea bastet artist , art studio
Beatriz Bradaschii aka bea bastet artist

My work focuses on surrealism, Imaginary realism and symbolism. 
I love working with oil paints, graphite and gouache, but i find myself mixing and experimenting a lot with a variety of materials. I also love sculpting with air dry and polymer clay.
Creating is what I'm most passionate about, it fills me with joy and every piece holds a piece of my heart and soul in them. 

If you have any questions regarding my work, don't hesitate to contact me via the form below. I'll be more than happy to help and give you more information.
*currently unavailable for commissions*

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