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About Bea Bastet

My name is Beatriz Bradaschii and I'm an artist born in São Paulo, Brazil.
Art has been the most prominent aspect of my life since I can remember.

Today, it has become an incredible instrument of inner healing and introspection, a way of understanding myself on a deeper level, my dreams, and subconcious mind.
Fascinated by the strange and the unconventional from a young age, I aim to create a realm of my own by juxtaposing elements of our world, the weirdest of my dreams and the remnants of feelings from childhood memories.
Each painting is a journey on its own and more often than not, I feel I've arrived to a place i haven't discovered yet and sometimes they
 evoke the feeling of wanting to explore what's hidden, there is always more beneath the surface of what I sense and think.

Beatriz Bradaschii aka bea bastet artist , art studio
Beatriz Bradaschii aka bea bastet artist

My work focuses on surrealism, Imaginative realism and symbolism. 
I love working with oil paints, graphite and gouache. I also love sculpting with different types of clay.
Creating is what I'm most passionate about, it fills me with joy and every piece holds a piece of my heart and soul in them. 


Group Exhibitions

'The Portrait Show 12: Myth' - Modern Eden // San Francisco, California, U.S.A - June 2024

'Microvisions 7' - WOW X WOW // Scotland (Online) - May 2024

'Let Them Eat Cake' - Curio Art Gallery // Lisboa/Almada, Portugal - April 2024 

'Cluster 2' - Nucleus House // Portland, Oregon, U.S.A - April 2024 

'Undercurrents' - WOW X WOW // Scotland (Online) - February 2024 

 'Elixir' - Arch Enemy Arts // Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A - January 2024 

Aqua Miami art fair - Arch Enemy Arts booth // Miami, Florida, U.S.A - December 2023 

'Higher Frequencies' - WOW X WOW // Scotland (Online) - November 2023 

  'Small Wonders 12' - Arch Enemy Arts // Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A - November 2023 

'Spectrum 4' - Arch Enemy Arts // Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A - August 2023 

'No Place Like...' - Arch Enemy Arts // Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A - June 2023 

♡ If you have any questions regarding my work, don't hesitate to contact me via the form below. I'll be more than happy to help and give you more information. ♡
*currently unavailable for commissions*

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