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For Modern Eden Gallery 'The portrait Show 12: Myth' exhibition.
My piece for the gallery's annual portrait group show. This year, we are depicting mythological deities from all over the world.
Oil on panel.
12 x 16 in. framed to 15 x 19 in.

'The collection features imaginative portrait paintings that depict one of the gods, goddesses, heroes, heroines, beasts, or benevolent beings of global mythology. These archetypes have long been creative food for artists throughout history, and by bringing their narratives into to form of portraiture a deeper connection to the mythological being can be understood.'

I chose to paint Zorya, the Slavic goddess of Dawn. Sometimes depicted as two goddesses: The Morning Star, which opens the gates to dawn, and the Evening Star, closing the gates at dusk.
I made the choice with the help of my mom, because I wanted to embrace my heritage (historic Bessarabia, the area where my great grandparents were from is now part of Ukraine) from my mom's side. Also because I love themes of duality, such as day and night.


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